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Ambience School Gurugram Admissions Open for Grade Nursery to V.
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Nursery Admission Results

1. Celebrations
a) Diwali
b) Christmas
c) Observed Martyrs’ Day ( Assembly by Class I-E )
d) GAIT ( Grooming Artistic Innovation & Talent ) Festival 2018

2. Author's Visit
a) Book talk by Ms.Nandana Sen for Grade I - II
b) Author's Visit- Meet the Author for Grade V -Mr.Gaurav Tekriwal,founder president of The Vedic Maths Forum India

3. Achievements
a) Team Racing Gladiators from Ambience Public School were the winners of Knockout Race organised by F1 in Schools at India National Finals 2017-18.
b) The Eco Achievers Quiz in association with ‘Saevus’ and Rotary Club Delhi sponsored by Skybags was hosted by Hope Hall Foundation School on 16th December 2017 where our students stood first runner up.
c) Shruti Girdhar of Class V- A won Silver Medal in International Shoto Cup Karate-Do Championship 2017
d) Manasvi Narayanan of Class V - B won a Gold Medal for Balancing Beam organised by MILO Indian School Gymnastics League December 2017
e) In lieu to celebrate ‘World Disability Day, Sanskriti School initiated an Adaptive Athletic Meet; to provide a platform for each child to showcase their strengths. Eashan Saxena of Class I B and Daksh Srivastava of Class II B participated in ‘Young Athletes Program’. They were awarded participation certificate and a book.
f) Siya Chawla and Niharika Tiwari of grade II F secured first position in Story Telling Competition organized by Udaipur Tales
g) Amitoj Singh of grade II D secured second position in the Story Telling Competition organised by Udaipur Tales

4. Parent In Partnership Program (Grade IV-V) to celebrate 69th Republic Day of India . The purpose of organizing this programme is to showcase the diverse cultural diversity and rich heritage of our country.
a) Parent In Partnership Program - Class V A (RAJASTHAN)
b) Parent In Partnership Program - Class V B (HARYANA)
c) Parent In Partnership Program - Class IV A (TAMIL NADU)
d) Parent In Partnership Program - Class IV B (WEST BENGAL)
e) Parent In Partnership Program - Class IV C (Jammu & Kashmir)

a) Sports Day - Nursery
b) Sports Day - KG (A, B & C)
c) Sports Day - KG (D, E & F)

AADHAR NUMBER is Mandatory for all the Students.

GAIT Programme at Ambience Public School.

Information regarding admissions against EWS & DG

Information as per CBSE circular No. CBSE/AFF/DS/2013/599475 dated 29.08.2013



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