The School Cafeteria

Reflection Room

The school has a beautifully designed ultra modern cafeteria which offers a variety of healthy options to suit the needs and taste buds of our students. The Pre-primary students are provided with healthy meals. The idea being not only to provide healthy meals and nourishment but also to train our young learners in the basic etiquette of eating and table manners.

Snack Menu for Nursery and Kindergarten students

* Idili & Sambhar or Vada & Sambhar
* Cottage Cheese Pakora
* Vegetable Pasta
* Aloo or Shahi Paneer with poori
* Rajma Rice or Chole Rice
* Bread Pakora
* Seasonal fruits
* Chocos Fills
* Sweet Corn
* Cake

Snack Menu provided on Special Days / Festivals / Excursions for Nursery and Kindergarten students

Sports Day - Probiotic Yakult & Muffin
Independence Day & Republic Day - Tricolour Sandwich
Rakshabandhan - Rasgullas
Ganesha chaturti - ladoos
Diwalibhai - Chocolate ladoos
Children's day - Smileys or French Fries & Vegetable Pasta
Gurpurab - Sooji Halwa
Christmas – Cakes & Muffins
Basant panchami- Yellow Kesar Rice with dry fruits.