skills at ambiences school

“Dance is a conversation between body and soul”

The aura of AMBIENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL, GURUGRAM reverberated as learners danced on the beats of Indian folk songs at Inter-House Folk Dance Competition today.
Folk dancing is a wonderful way to introduce learners to the India’s rich diversity and provides opportunities for socialization and room for self-expression.
The theme of the competition was ‘Folk Dances of India’, where students from all the four house participated with great enthusiasm. The learners dressed up in colorful ethnic attires swayed to the beats of folk music and with their vivacious dances enthralled the audience. The honourable judges for the event were Ms. Kavita Malik, Ms. Bhavna Magon and Ms. Shiromi.
The fun filled extravaganza offered folk dance forms of Punjab, Gujrat, Assam and Goa.
The 1st position was bagged by ‘Wings of Integrity House’ which performed Goan Dance representing lifestyle, culture and aspiration of Goan society.
‘Wings of Wisdom House’ won the 2nd position. They showcased Bhangra representing the joyous spirit and valour of Punjab.
 The 3rd position was bagged by ‘Wings of Truth House’ and ‘Wings of Courage House’. They performed Dandiya and Bihu dance. The beauty of Indian culture was shown by them and the message of oneness was also conveyed.
The Principal, Dr. Anuradha Rai graced the occasion and applauded the students for their mesmerizing dances. The spectators highly complimented the efforts put in by all the four houses.