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Cyber Security Awareness workshop

Cyber Security Awareness workshop
Today’s children represent the first generation to grow up entirely in a digital world. They have spent their entire lives using computers, video games, webcams, digital music players, mobile phones, instant messaging apps, social media and everything else the digital world has to offer.
According to the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, Dr ANURADHA RAI, even though we all agree that technology is a great enabler which has transformed our lives, it is also a fact that it has many pitfalls and technology today is not being used responsibly. Headlines are filled with instances of children and adults falling prey to scams and frauds. Excessive use of social media is also playing havoc with mental and emotional well-being of not just the youngsters but even adults. Cyber Security therefore is becoming increasingly important in today’s networked world and we need to work towards creating awareness regarding responsible use of technology ‘.
The workshop was an attempt to sensitise the audience to some of these issues. It provided an insight into cyber-crimes associated with children, the cyber laws and provisions, on how our data can be hacked and misused and how to secure our cyberspace. Through examples and hands on exercises Mr.Tandon highlighted the role of adults in ensuring that children are not exposed to in appropriate content. Through hard hitting questions, “If you don’t allow your twelve or thirteen-year-old, to travel alone how can you allow them into an unknown cyber world with no checks and balances?’ Mr. Tandon brought the focus back on teaching children to be responsible consumers. He also emphasized that parents need to spend more time with their children and also be aware of how their children are using technology.
The workshop was a big hit. Most adults could be seen applying their new found knowledge and changing the privacy settings on their phones.