Grandparents Day Celebration at Ambience School, Gurugram

“दादा-दादी, नाना-नानी,
सारे जग से न्यारे।
सीधे सच्चे, सबसे अच्छे,
मुझको लगते प्यारे।।”
               – डॉ. परशुराम शुक्ल
The students of Ambience School, Gurugram celebrated Grandparents Day with zeal and admiration yesterday. The celebration started with a power packed performance by our students, followed by a series of activities curated for students with their grandparents. From storytelling to Diya decorations, grandparents wholeheartedly participated and supported their grandkids.
We were glad to see the happiness in the faces of all the grandparents who made the most of this wonderful day.
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