Special Assembly “Winter is Here”

I am feeling cold today…..
The ambience of Thursday morning was that of a chilly and nippy one. Learners of nursery gathered together to entertain the Ambience School Gurgaon, with their Special Assembly “Winter is Here”.
It started with an entertaining discussion of the Newsreaders of Nursery T.V. talking about the current cold waves which are sweeping towards Northern part of the country. Confidence of the children was very evident by the way they read the new, sang and enjoyed performing.
The audience enjoyed the songs of the winter and snowman. The learners of nursery all wore their snowman hats and depicted all the things associated with winters e.g. hot soup, hot chocolate, woollen cap, muffler and jackets. This created the cool, cool ambience warm.
God bless the lovely angels who made us proud.
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