Inquiry Based Learning activity, KG

In our experience, children who are curious seem destined for success. A curious child is motivated to ask questions, seek answers, and apply those answers to his or her personal experience. The good news is that, given the right conditions, every child in our classrooms can demonstrate curiosity, an attitude of wonder, and a desire to discover. Inquiry-based learning follows a three-step process that we incorporate into our curriculum. Learners ask themselves three questions about any new subject being introduced: 1. What do I already know about the subject? 2. What do I want to know about the subject? 3. What have I learned about the subject? Essentially, inquiry-based learning is a natural way to learn a second language. It allows students much more control of their learning experience, while teachers help and guide them along. It encourages our children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them.