Ambience Public School, New Delhi

Newsletter- Jan 2021

Seeing how you have grown from strength to strength during the year makes my heart dance with joy. I am sure your parents and teachers are equally proud to see you work so earnestly and put in your best effort. As we move towards the end of the academic year 2021, I want to touch upon something that I would like you to think upon; How often have you felt that you can’t do something or are not good at it or are not as good at it as your friend or sibling? I urge you to rephrase this thought as, “I may not be good at it YET but I can become good at it with practice!” You see thinking/ feeling “ I can’t do this is limiting whereas saying.” I can’t do it YET gives us the opportunity to work at it and manifest our highest potential. So this year let us move from a Fixed mindset to a Growth mindset!