Ambience Public School, New Delhi

Newsletter- Nov 2020

Thank you for utilizing your time to hone your reading skills. I have been enjoying the story telling sessions that our young Readers are engaging in. You know Reading is a great skill. It not only helps us to learn and make sense of the world, it also helps us to travel and visit places and meet people! Also some stories have such an impact on our life. Today I want to share a short story “The Three Questions” written by the famous writer Leo Tolstoy which has impacted me personally. The story is about a King who, while engaged in the affairs of the state had three questions plaguing him. The first question was, “When is the best time to start a task? How do we know it is the right time for the action so that we have no regrets?” We are sharing with you some memorable moments from last month. I also want to thank each one of you for all your hard work and perseverance displayed through the year.