ACTIVITIES 2019 - 2020


ISA - Exhibition

Science and Math Gifted Students Programme

a) Workshop on Fun with Electronics for Grade VI-X
b) Workshop for Grade IX - XII on Cloud Computing
c) Workshop for Parents of Grade VI on Safe Use of Internet during the Orientation Program
d) Workshop-Smart ways of creating effective presentation (Classes- VI-VIII)
e) Workshop on Reading (Reading is Fun) 13.05.19 to 17.05.19 (Class I)
f) Zentangle workshop
g) Story Telling session by teachers
h) Workshop for Hindi Teachers
i) Workshop for Maths Teachers
j) Mathematics workshop was conducted for the parents of Grade III to V
k) Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for students of Grade VIII & IX.
l) Workshop on Know Your Computer for students of Grade XI.
m) Professional Development Program for Teachers on 'Enquiry Based Learning' by Mr Das Gupta.
n) Workshop on DNA isolation & purification and Blood group tesing for Class XII Biology students.
o) Workshop -ATAL Community Day at Chinmaya Vidhyala.
p) Ambience Malentime: Measurement Workshop for Middle School

a) Brain Grilling- Save Our Earth by Grade 7 & 8 held on 18.4.2019
b) Assembly by Class X A - Voting is not just our right, its our power.
c) Mothers Day Celebration by Grade I on 10.05.19.
d) Show and Tell of Grade I on the topic "मैं और मेरा परिवार "
e) Symposium on 'Acceptance of LGBTQ community in India'- Class IX
f) Poster Making Competition - Class IX
g) Poetry Recitation Competition - Class VI
h) Poetry Out Loud - Class VIII
i) Role Play Activity on Freedom Fighters of India - Classes IV and V
j) Class X Social Science Debate
k) Fitness Day - Grade I on 11th September
l) Pottery Day - Grade I
m) Special Activities held - Grade II
n) Grandparents Day - KG
o) Kindergarten Show and Tell
p) Parent in Partnership Programme- Kindergarten
q) Rangbahaar 2019 - Ninth Inter School Art Competition
r) Social Science Inter-House Quiz Competition
i) Kindergarten Diwali Celebration
j) Nursery Activities
k) Nursery Plantation Day
l) Nursery Grandparent's Day
m) Special Assembly Nursery
n) Incredible India - Nursery
o) Hindi Story Telling by Grade I
p) Card Making by Grade I
q) Show and Tell by Grade I
r) Constitution Day Celebration
s) Japanese Math Programme
t) Place Value using Dienes blocks
u) Graph making activity
v) Nursery White Day
w) Nursery Christmas Celebration
x) Kabir Rasdhara
y) Inter School Festival conducted by Vasant Valley School for Grade IV
z) French Festival
aa) Kindergarten Assemblies
ab) Kindergarten Christmas Celebrations
ac) Wellness activity on cultivating gratitude in the coronavirus world for students of Grades III, IV & V (April, 2020)
ad) WWellness activity on happiness for students of Grades I & II (April, 2020)
ae) Wellness activity on happiness for students of Grades III, IV & V (April, 2020)

a) Enroute To Rashtrapati Bhawan by Grade 8 held on 14.5.2019
b) Students of grade 7 & 8 visited Kiran Nadar Museum of Art for 'Miniature Garden Activity' held on 10.4.19
c) Students of grade 6 & 7 visited Kiran Nadar Museum of Art for 'Creating Art Through Nature-.Puppet making' held on 5.4.19
d) Heritage Walk to Humayun’s Tomb held on 23rd April and 24th April 2019 for Grades V and IV respectively.
e) Visit to National Science Centre on 22nd August 2019 for Grade IV
f) Visit to Big Bazar by Grade II
g) Visit to Qutub Minar on 22nd October, 2019 for Grade IV

a) Grade 4 Social Studies Parent Involvement Program
b) Nursery Parent In Partnership - Non Fire Cooking
c) KINDERGARTEN Parent In Partnership