Our Curriculum Approach

At Ambience Public School we have a multi disciplinary, interactive and child centric approach towards learning. The curriculum provides a broad framework which extends beyond academics to the emotional, social, physical, moral and ethical development of a child. We encourage peer learning which fosters collaboration and confidence building. Our students are encouraged to explore new ideas, learn by doing, experiencing, role playing thus making the learning more real and relevant. We believe in providing a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages creativity and innovation. We encourage individual differences and endeavour towards creating in our children a broad and tolerant outlook. A student passing out from the school could fit anywhere.

Courses of Study
A co-educational school with English as the language of instruction.

Playgroup activities are designed to help a child to get used to school and become independent:

Fine motor skills, Folding napkins, Pouring and weighing activities, sorting.

Sensor: Touching and exploring, hearing & smell, taste, touch.

Language & Communication: Vocabulary games, Picture talk, Informal talk, Speech & drama, role play, dressing up, circle time.

Social & Emotional: Music & Movement, action songs, festivals & Celebrations, Daily chores.

Cognitive: Sequencing, puzzles and word building exercises.

Gross Motor: Running, exercises, stretching, swinging, balancing, climbing, nature walk, hop, skip, sand & water play.

Creative: Art & craft, Painting & Coloring, Cutting & Pasting, Junk Modeling, Play dough.

Primary & Middle

English Language Literature, Hindi, French, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, EVS, Social Science, Information Technology, Dance & Music, Life Skills, Physical Educaiton.

Senior Secondary

Science (Medical / Non-Medical) Commerce Humanities
English – Core English – Core English – Core
Physics Accountancy Political Science
Chemistry Business Studies History
Biology / Computer Science/ Physical Education/ Economics Economics/ Physical Education/ Computer Science Economics/ Physical Education/ Painting/ Computer Science
Maths / Physical Education/ Home Science/ Psychology Maths / Physical Education/ Home Science/ Psychology Maths / Physical Education/ Home Science/ Psychology

BOOK LIST (2020 - 2021)