Reflection Room Reflection Room

The Reflection Room is an open space for Students and Staff of Ambience Public School to Reflect, Contemplate, Meditate, Think, Pray, Introspect or just be in Silence. It is set up to instil Calmness, Tranquility, Peace and Positivity.

WHY: To come back to our center which may get displaced during the day due to any reason.


  • Just step in and find your favourite spot in the meditation lounge.
  • Take your time to look around, smell, listen to the music and in your own time close your eyes.
  • Observe your breath without changing anything.
  • Slowly and gradually let the breath become deeper and heavier.
  • Continue to breathe mindfully for as long as you can.
  • Let the thoughts be - letting them come and go.
  • Surrender and let your inner world take over.
  • Come back to your body and the space as you gently open the eyes.
  • Take your time to absorb the experience.
  • Take a deep breath in……and….out, gather yourself to go back to the world outside with a SMILE

Time: 8:00 am - 2:30 pm Venue: Room No. 202, Second Floor

So step in, take a deep breath and surrender yourself into an inward Journey.