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The Teaching Learning Center caters to educational programs that are designed to meet individual student’s unique needs. The basic concept of individualizing a student’s education is in essence what makes it “special” and hence referred to as special education. Special education instruction is presented at a slower, more intense pace, and is typically more structured than regular education instruction. Apart from these, there are several other factors that contribute to the uniqueness of special education. These are frequent reinforcement for correct performance, low teacher-pupil ratios and differentiated curriculum. Students process information differently during the stages of acquiring, constructing and expressing knowledge. Special educators employ principles of effective practice that are based upon the strengths and needs of students. The students are instructed in specific ways to benefit from a lesson keeping their learning strengths in mind.

Our endevour is to understand and deal with differences in learning. As Mel Levine puts it, that a price is paid if a mind is forced to learn or perform something in a way for which it is not wired. This happens to all of us from time to time, but the outcome is tragic when the mismatching of a mind to a set of important tasks become a daily event and when that poor fit is not understood. This phenomenon takes place every day in schools everywhere. Hopefully, we discover the strengths of each one and help all kinds of minds thrive!!