Ambience Public School, New Delhi


Smart Classes

Educomp Smartclass: A new concept in Learning

Classrooms are equipped with most advanced and one of its kind Digital Teaching System (DTS) which allows teachers to leverage digital content repository and her creativity on a touch screen interactive panel inside the classroom. The DTS is the world’s first fully integrated one-switch Digital Interactive Teaching system, specially designed to work in Indian classrooms.

most advanced Digital Teaching System(DTS)

Conference Room

The Conference Room has been aesthetically designed to foster effective communication in a formal setup amongst various groups viz. students, teachers, parents or any other resource agencies. It is well equipped with sophisticated audio-visual systems and state-of-the-art acoustic technology.

aesthetically designed Conference Room


A spectacular and futuristic auditorium is situated on the 4th floor. It has ultra-modern infrastructure with panoramic view of a sweeping big stage. The centrally air-conditioned auditorium with superior acoustic and latest technology for sound and light effects with a seating capacity of 300 people. It brings a rich new perspective to the exciting, expanding and evolving world of education thereby preparing students for scholastic & co-scholastic activities and making learning an enriching experience.

The Library

The well-stocked, well-furnished and computerized school library is aesthetically designed to encourage research and independent study. It provides a comfortable and quiet bower for those looking to get lost in the world of distant seas or mysteries of a different world. Apart from a vast collection of books and periodicals the library has a Resource Centre with reference material and e- books available at the click of a mouse.

Every class has its own Class Library and students are encouraged to pick up a book of their choice after completing the assigned tasks. Innovative Projects like the Reading Projects are used to inculcate the reading habit in students.

Sports Facilities

Sports form an integral part of the school curriculum and the school has provision for Basketball, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Skating, Yoga and Taekwondo etc. Students are encouraged to choose and participate in at least one sport. Apart from physical and mental fitness and recreation this also provides students valuable lessons in team spirit, sportsmanship, fair play, respect for others, discipline, boosts self-esteem and leadership skills.
A stylistic & modernized indoor gymnasium is another big hit with the students.

The great attractions for the Primary students are Sand and Water Play and a huge Play Station.
“Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body”
Sports Activities include: Skating, Chess, Taeko-won-do, Squash, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball etc.

Teaching Learning Center

The Teaching Learning Centre caters to educational programmes that are designed to meet individual student’s unique needs. The basic concept of individualizing a student’s education is in essence what makes it ‘special’ and hence referred to as Special Education. Special education closes the gap between a child’s academic potential and academic performance. The TLC teaches students the strategies to become independent and responsible learners. There is frequent reinforcement for correct performance, low teacher-pupil ratios and differentiated curriculum. Students process information differently during the stages of acquiring, constructing and expressing knowledge. Special educators employ principles of effective practice that are based upon the strengths and needs of students. The students are instructed in specific ways to benefit from a lesson keeping their learning strengths in mind. TLC empowers students with skills, confidence, and strategies to thrive in their transition to the mainstream classroom and supports and educates the families of TLC students.

Our endeavour is to understand and deal with differences in learning. As Mel Levine puts it, that a price is paid if a mind is forced to learn or perform something in a way for which it is not wired. This happens to all of us from time to time, but the outcome is tragic when the mismatching of a mind to a set of important tasks become a daily event and when that poor fit is not understood. This phenomenon takes place every day in schools everywhere. Hopefully, we discover the strengths of each one and help all kinds of minds thrive!!

Reflection Room

The reflection room is an open space for students, staff and parents of Ambience Public School to focus on wellness & socio- emotional wellbeing through conversation, art, introspection & thought. This a space to help children individually & in groups to learn new skills and techniques for peer interaction, pro social behaviour and emotional recognition in others with the guidance of the counsellor. Step into this room for mindful behavioural & emotional awareness.

Music Room

“Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”

The Performing Arts such as theatre, musical theatre, dance, music, acting, magic and circus acts help develop body awareness and encourage creative expressions. Our trained and experienced faculty aims to bring out the best in each student by giving them various opportunities to express themselves. The holistic spectrum of Indian classical, contemporary and modern forms or the fusion of the notes and rhythm provide ample options for students to choose from and pursue in their own unique style. Performing arts being an integral part of education provides students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions. Students can explore and express great themes and ideas through their performance. This allows children to develop their self- confidence and self- belief.

Art Room

Drawing is one of the most important activities as it not only provides the basis for other creative activities – like painting, sculpture and printmaking – but it is also linked with reading, writing, mathematics or science etc. There is a connection between drawing and geometric shapes and measurements of art available. It’s been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain. Art nurtures inventiveness and creative expression as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, self-motivation and catharsis.

Art nurtures inventiveness and creative expression

Medical Clinic

Health Care and Well Being

We have a fully equipped medical room with emergency medical cover being provided by Max Hospital Saket. In addition to taking care of the day to day emergencies a medical checkup of every student is done once every six months which includes an eye and dental check up. The students are also provided inputs on general hygiene and dietary habits.

fully equipped medical room with emergency medical


The School Cafeteria

“You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.”

The school has a beautifully designed ultra-modern cafeteria which offers a variety of healthy options to suit the needs and taste buds of our students. The Pre-primary students are provided with healthy meals. The idea being not only to provide healthy meals and nourishment but also to train our young learners in the basic etiquette of eating and table manners.

beautifully designed ultra modern cafeteria



Computer Lab

Well equipped computer labs with high quality computers and carefully monitored internet connectivity provide our children the opportunity for research in addition to preparing them for the IT driven world. A customized school software with student, teacher and parent portal helps to elicit information at the click of a mouse. Technology doesn’t drive change, it enables change.

Mathematics Lab

The concept of Mathematics Laboratory is learning by doing. The students are encouraged to talk, think, discuss and comprehend mathematical concepts through activities and experiments. The carefully designed activities are planned and executed for experiential learning, discovery method and synthesis of gained knowledge.


The high-tech robotics lab gives students an opportunity to make scientific fiction a reality. The students are taught to construct and assemble computerised robots in a graded fashion. After learning the basic assembly of the components of the robot they graduate to create complex functioning advanced robots. This gives them a hands on experience into the world of artificial intelligence.

Chemistry Lab

Physics Lab

Biology Lab

General Science Lab

Home Science Lab


ATL- ATAL TINKERING LAB which aims to create an
environment of scientific temperament, innovation,
and creativity amongst school students